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The virtual mind change workshop

Our workshops and coachings equip executives to be authentic leaders in an increasingly fast-paced world.

Our offering

We combine the emotional aspects of uncertainty (the human side) with micro-skills needed to manage oneself through the change process. Each participant will evaluate their own inner world, to become more secure, more engaged, more agile with more energy.

Targeted at

These reflective 2-day virtual workshops, are targeted at middle management, in groups of 8 participants.

Modules include

– Dealing with ambiguity and change
– Taking ownership and accountability
– Influencing others

What our clients say

“Just finished a two-days Zoom-workshop instructed by Flooris van der Walt and covered the topic ‘Building Courage to face Change and Uncertainty’. In these days, where everything has reached to highest ambiguity levels, this was a great opportunity to review my thinking and reflect on myself.

We had excellent group discussions with teammates from Switzerland and South Africa on different influence levels, what is in our control and what is not, how to respond based on influence levels, what are the required micro-skills to cope, how to balance and destress ourselves when it comes to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energies.”

Gözde Ulubay, M&A Strategy & Operations Executor, Zurich

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