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Dealing with Uncertainty and Ambiguity - in Industry

Program overview

Organizations seeking to thrive in today’s turbulent times cannot simply force change through technical approaches such as restructuring and reengineering. They need a new kind of leadership: a capability to reframe dilemmas, reinterpret options, and reform operations – and to do so continuously. One which is built on greater awareness of individual styles and performance strengths.

“Dealing with Uncertainty and Ambiguity” engages leaders to explore what it means to be a leader today and to identify the leadership aspects required for organizational transformation. This program provides research-based frameworks to understand the human aspects of change in the context of leading. Participants will have opportunities to exchange experiences, to grow as leaders and to gain insights in their agility to reflect and learn. These core leadership capabilities are crucial for success in the face of new challenges.

This program also creates the environment required to develop a network of trust among the participants. It builds a common language and develops bigger minds to solve even bigger problems.

Target audience

Identified High Potentials in your organization, management level, and anyone responsible for driving change.

Learning outcomes

By taking part in this developmental experience, leaders will:

  • Gain greater awareness of themselves and how they think and act in situations characterized by uncertainty and ambiguity
  • Understand the impact their behavior has on others while reflecting on the consequences
  • Develop individual and collective capabilities to lead themselves and others through change
  • Learn to engender trust as an authentic leader during transformation

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