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Leadership is most critical when the direction is unclear.

Our workshops and coachings equip executives to be authentic leaders in an increasingly fast-paced world.

Workshops for executives

Building courage to face change and uncertainty: The mindset change workshop.

Virtual workshops

The virtual opportunity for building courage to face change and uncertainty: The mindset change workshop.

1:1 Executive coachings

Leadership is most critical when the direction is unclear.

Keynote Speeches

Attentive Leadership: Developing a healthy self-image.

Solutions For


Organizations seeking to thrive in today’s turbulent times cannot change through technical approaches. They need a new kind of leadership.


Consulting places an emphasis on diagnosing the problem and finding a cure. In today’s world of complex organizations, traditional linear approaches become less and less viable.


Leaders must know themselves and their behaviors to adapt to an increasingly complex and fast-changing academic environment.


Individual and team coaching to develop self-reflection. The better one understands one’s behavior, motivations and beliefs in a given situation, the better one can choose a response that produces the desired outcome.

What our clients say


"The workshops created an opportunity for the participants to get to know each other on an emotional level. The participants experienced that their opinions matter and changed their leadership from authoritarian to a more motivating and engaging style.”

Paolo Ramadori
ex-Group CEO, Maccaferri


“We observed a change of mindset in the right direction, like appreciation, after the workshops. It led to stronger teams, building relationships, talking about issues that were not usually discussed in daily business.”

Marko Konstantinovic
HR Director, Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Europe


“The people opened-up to also enjoy their time at work. It created a movement with a significant purpose. People wanted to speak up – the experience touched the people as it woke them up emotionally and it helped us to make a major turnaround .”

Oliver Dohn
ex-CEO, Oerlikon Graziano


"With Flooris, I was able to meet a very competent, authentic and empathic coach. Our cooperation was open, trusting and very intensive. Flooris accommodated me and my needs very well during the entire coaching process and adapted the topics and content to the situation. I was able to take away important points for my professional and private environment from each conversation and I really enjoyed working with Flooris.”

Andreas Conzelmann

Foto Anne Schuster_1

"Because of the deep dive, it felt as if we had known each other for years, although we only met during the workshop – we all felt comfortable opening up and sharing our thoughts and personal experiences. The increased awareness was one of the main values and with the great group dynamics we became one team.”

Anne Schuster
HR Manager People & Organizational Development Europe, Dana


"Those who lead authentically follow their own high standards of integrity, strengthen the willingness of their employees, and thus steer positive effects on the organization. Flooris knows better than anyone else how to stimulate reflection on innermost values, motives and emotions with the right impulses. To grow as a leader, this process was critical for me. My recommendation: Try it out!”

Yves Schneuwly
Managing Director, Coople

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