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Dealing with Uncertainty and Ambiguity - in Academia

Program overview

Institutions and organizations have become more complex, uncertain and fast-changing in recent years. Leaders are required to know themselves as well as their behaviors and thoughts to reflect on the constantly changing environment. Organizations are conscious of a need for greater flexibility and openness for change, which can lead to anxiety, though they do not know how to develop their leaders when information is incomplete and ambiguous and the consequences of actions are highly unpredictable.

Tertiary educational institutions, with specific reference to Business Schools, are not adequately preparing leaders to understand and cope with the levels of ambiguity and uncertainty which they will face back in their organizations.

This program will create the environment to develop the ability to reflect on how individuals deal with uncertainty and ambiguity. It also reflects on microskills that are essential for individuals to support positive behaviors and thinking in times of change.

Target audience

This program caters for students who have experience in working life and who are confronted with uncertainty and ambiguity at the workplace.

Learning outcomes

By taking part in this developmental experience, students will:

  • Gain greater awarenes of how they act in situations characterized by uncertainty and amiguity
  • Understand the impact their behavior has on others while reflecting on the consequences
  • Develop individual and collective capabilities to lead themselves and others through change
  • Learn to engender trust as an authentic leader during transformation


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