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Dealing with Uncertainty and Ambiguity - in Consulting

Program overview

Consulting places an emphasis on diagnosing the problem and finding a cure. In today’s world of complex organizations and institutions marked by rapid knowledge proliferation and intertwining of cultures, traditional linear approaches are becoming less and less viable. Problems are quickly redefined, new knowledge is constantly surfacing and being challenged, and no solution is a permanent one. “Consulting in Uncertainty and Ambiguity” articulates and addresses the complexity and interconnectedness of the world where the only certain core is yourself and the knowledge about yourself.

Emphasizing the person as a consultant, as well as the skills one must possess in any uncertain and dynamic environment, this seminar will help you to identify and reflect on your own behavior.

Target audience

This seminar is ideal for any consultant who has to stand in front of a management team and gather information on the problem or variations thereof, or who has to present an analysis or proposals based on a possible understanding of output and outcome.

Learning outcomes

By taking part in this developmental experience, consultants will:

  • Learn how to build an authentic consulting relationship
  • Be self-aware and relate their actions and words to what they believe and think
  • Facilitate inquiry without trying to have the answer
  • Reflect on the why of behaviors, their own and others

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