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1:1 Executive coachings

Our workshops and coachings equip executives to be authentic leaders in an increasingly fast-paced world.

Our offering

As a coaching psychologist I primarily advise and accompany you in operational change processes in reorganization, mergers, organizational development – be it in individual coaching or in the development of teams, groups, departments and organizations.

Relevant here are all topics related to the work situation, especially leadership and management topics, but also change, conflict, stress and cooperation or location issues.

Targeted at

These reflective coachings are targeted at C-level executives, higher management, and middle management professionals.

Coachings include

– Dealing with ambiguity and change
– Taking ownership and accountability
– Influencing others

My Approach

I follow predominantly an integrative psychodynamic framework. This means I am interested in understanding how your past experiences and relationships are informing and influencing your present difficulties, alongside the impact of your broader circumstances.

I am reflecting with you to identify, explore, and work through your belief systems, thoughts and feelings associated with the problem at hand.

My experience is that this approach is empowering you to process painful or challenging experiences and break free from patterns of behavior that are not conducive to you to live a fulfilled life.

My approach is guided by your expressed difficulties, needs and resources. I trust that I create an experience of being heard and acknowledged, a space where your hurts and hopes are collaboratively explored with respect, openness and acceptance.

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